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Not sure exactly what services you need?

We believe in Ethical Pricing. That means different things to different people, but to us it means that pricing is transparent, straight-forward, and easy to understand.

Most of our services are billed at $60/hr. This includes website management, design updates, graphic design, project management, social media management, copywriting and much more.

Strategy Consultation is billed at $200/hr.

Web Development (such as creating a custom plugin) is billed at $200/hr.

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Bonuses Available to All Clients

Weekly Coworking Sessions

All clients are invited to join Team Five on regular co-working sessions. We host two sessions per week. This is a super casual, drop-in sort of thing that we’re offering just for our clients. It’s just on a drop-in basis, so no need to RSVP. Just hop on the Zoom call if you feel like it. You’ll get a TON of work done, and also get a chance to say hello to other clients – heck, maybe even a little of that networking I keep telling you to do!


Weekly Newsletter Features

DeAnna shares ideas and updates in a small weekly newsletter for clients. As a client, you have the opportunity to ask questions or promote your services in that newsletter. For example, a client recently mentioned that they were looking for coaches to interview on their podcast. DeAnna knew that several clients had been brainstorming how to get themselves interviewed on more podcasts. Boom! A message goes out in the newsletter, letting everyone know how to get in touch with the podcast creator and see if an interview is a good fit. 

Your First Consultation is Free

We’ll talk about what your goals are right now, help you get clarity around them if you don’t already know what they are, and discuss the best way to reach them. Our conversation will be part “getting to know you”, part Strategy, and part explaining how Team Five can help you with your goals. 

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