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Email sales funnel flows can be very simple, if you want. Like this very simple flow of one email that’s sent a couple hours after a site visitor has viewed a page but not purchased anything image shows a screenshot of an email flow sequence

But sometimes and email flow can get really complicated. This client reached out asking for help with setting up a complex flow in order to remind their customers to repurchase their physical products. The complication was that each physical product they sell had a different expected turnaround time (some were sold as a 90 day supply, others were a 30 day supply, etc) and many of their customers buy more than one item. So they didn’t want to bury their customers in repeat email reminding them to buy every different product, but they did want the correct email to go to the correct customers at the relevant turnaround time.

The client tried to walk me through it, but even trying to explaining what they wanted had her throwing up her hands and exclaiming, “I feel like I’m trying to take the SATs!” I got the gist of it though, and created this flow for her.screenshot showing more complex email flow logic

This is a simplified version of the flow, to make it fit in one reasonably sized image. In reality, each of the dark grey boxes cascading to the right has a similar series of if/then steps and follow up emails as the first leg you see on the left. What this flow does is prioritize their most important products, so that if the customer has bought that product, they get a reminder to re-purchase that product at the right time. If they bought that first product AND another one, they still just get the one email to keep them from being overwhelmed with too many emails.

If they haven’t purchased that first product, they split off in an if/then statement to the next most prioritized product, where if they have purchased they will get the correctly timed reminder. If they haven’t purchased that one, they will skip those emails and get routed into the next most prioritized product, etc.

This way all customers are sent a reminder to repurchase at least one of the products they have purchased within the relevant timeline.

This particular flow uses Klaviyo, but we have created many similar logic flows using ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Ontraport, Constant Contact, and even Mailchimp.

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